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Whole House, Well Sediment String Wound Water Filter 5 micron 10"

SKU SWC-45-1005
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The Hydronix SWC-45-1005 polypropylene String wound filters have a particle retention Size of 5 micron and are used in a residential and commercial water filtration system applications. The Filter has an outside diameter (OD) of 4.5" and overall length of 10". made of 100 percent Pure polypropylene cord, the cartridge has structural stability, and is resistance to most chemicals. The SWC series Filter is suitable for use in filtration systems such as residential water filtration, Whole House, Well Water filtration, ice machines, film processing, beverage, coffee, analytical, Wineries, and many others.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Does a great job

Filters sediment, does a great job doing so.

Big Al
Perfect for me pizzeria!

My pizzeria is in an older building...pipes are so old, they'll tell how things were back in the day. But I digress. The water here, like it's too sandy...or some may even call it what do I know??!!

So anywho, my boy Marcello says to me, "Yo Pops! Why don't yous get one of dem fancy fandangled WATER FILTERS?" I says to him, "Eh! Whats a matter widya? Yous think I'm rich or something?! OH!"

Then he shows me this and I says " Ehi, ciao!" Which means "Hey there!" Unbeknownst to me, I could actually get a good filter for my pizzeria! So I placed an order, and Marcello put it in for me because I don't mess with that kind of stuff, I make pizzas, I'm no what do I know??!! OH!

Well well well...this fancy schmancy filter I bought...hey it works! Magnifico! My pizzas, they good, but now, they even better OH! As we say in the old country, Andiamo a mangiare! – Let’s go eat!