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Well Water 20" Filtration Sediment System Pleated Washable Filter, 1" Ports


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The iFilters MWHSD20-WELL 20" Clear Heavy Duty Whole House Well Water Filter System comes complete with a high quality reusable/washable chemical resistant pleated sediment filter and features a high flow housing with 1" Inlet / Outlet Ports.

The iFilters MWHSD20-WELL was made for treating sediment in well water. The MWHSD20-WELL is a workhorse and can be installed as a whole house sediment filter or used in commercial applications where sediment filtration is needed.

This well water filtration sediment system can be used in any application where sediment filtration is needed. The MWHSD20-WELL will help protect and extend the life of washing machines, dishwasher, water heaters, and other appliances. This unit will effectively filter many impurities from water it is ideal for homes using well water, farms, private wells, restaurants, spas, commercial, and many other applications with high sediment.

    Filters and Reduces:
  • Sediment.
  • dirt.
  • sand.
  • silt.
  • rust.
  • scale particles.
    This complete kit comes assembled for easy installation and Includes:
  • Heavy duty bracket.
  • Super Heavy duty housing with pressure relief button.
  • Housing wrench.
  • High quality 4.5" x 20" chemical resistant pleated sediment filter with reinforced core.
  • Stainless Steel Bolts for housing installation.

Replacement filter: SP30-4520.
Replace or wash filter when pressure drops or when you notice decrease performance filtration. Never reuse a damaged filter. Only use OEM replacement filter. Using alternative filters will reduce performance. Wash under running water, never use chemicals/soaps of any kind. Never pressure wash filter cartridge or scrub with brush. Rinse housing and check O-ring at every filter change. Never over-tight housing.

Simply the best sediment well water system in the market.

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