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Shok Blok Filter Protection Valve, 40psi, 3/8"

SKU SB-FPV-40/38
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SHOK BLOK Filter Protection Valves are you best choice for protecting and limiting water pressure to your water filtration device. This SHOK BLOK Model is design for 40psi.

SHOK BLOK Filter Protection Valves are designed for high pressure installations to protect reverse osmosis systems, water filters, ice makers, coffee machines, chillers, hot tanks and water coolers to name a few. They work by limiting water pressure and reducing water hammer.

Product Specifications:
  • 3/8" Quick Connect Ports
  • Flow: 4 Gal/min (15 L/min) at 100 PSI
  • Max. Pressure: 300 PSI
  • Max. Temperature: 104 F (40 C)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Prevents unwanted leaks

I got it because we get water hammering issues when our sprinklers turn off. I installed it to be safe.

Tommy H.
Fits on my Watts Premier RO

Surprisingly this fit on my Watts Premier RO. Bought it as a precautionary measure. Better safe than sorry.