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Sediment Water Filter Polypropylene, 2.5" x 20", 0.5 Micron

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Hydronix SDC-25-20-0.5 polypropylene sediment filters have a particle retention Size of 0.5 Microns and is used in a residential and commercial water filtration system applications. The core-less Filter design has an outside diameter (OD) of 2.5" and overall length of 20". made of 100 percent Pure polypropylene, the cartridge has structural stability, and is resistance to most chemicals. Certified by the ANSI/NSF (American National standards Institute and National sanitation Foundation) standard 42 for Material and structural Safety. This sediment Filter is suitable for use in filtration systems such as ice machines, film processing, beverage, coffee, analytical, Wineries, and many others. Hydronix water technology is a supplier of water filtration, purification and separation products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
0.5 microns, now that's filtration!

Stopping all those nasties from coming into my home. Anything over 0.5 microns will be denied entry just like a dude trying to get into a grocery store without wearing a mask. Nah! You're not going in! Boop! Stopped you! Nope!

Happy with the quality

I'm very happy with the build quality of this filter. It works really well in filtering out the sediment from our well. I basically take out the old and drop this one in, and It gets busy trapping the sediment.