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PRO+AQUA ELITE GEN2 Whole House 3 Stage Well Water Filter System, Gauges, 1” Ports

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The improved PRO+AQUA ELITE GEN2 system protect your family from what you cannot see.

The Pro-Shield Series ELITE GEN2 Model Whole House Filtration System offers 3 stages for ultimate performance and clean safe water for your whole house. The specially engineered filters offer unmatched performance with up to 99% reduction for Chlorine and Heavy Metals.

Protect your home, health, and appliances by filtering all of your incoming water and removing harmful contaminants like lead, mercury and other cancer-causing contaminants. The ELITE GEN2 Whole House Water Filtration System removes major contaminants from your Well water or City water and provides clean safe water for showering, cooking, laundry, pets, plants, and other home uses while maintaining a high flow rate.

Provide your family with healthy clean water. Provide your pets and plants with cleaner water. Extend the life of your dishwasher, laundry machine, and other appliances, and reduce energy cost. You will love the whiter whites from your laundry and the healthy feel of clean water in your shower.

This ELITE GEN2 model Whole House Filtration System is designed for ease of use and efficiency. A filter set is good for up to 100,000 gallons or 6-12 months (filter life depends on your water quality). This system comes complete with a full filter set. The 1” high-flow ports are designed for minimal reduction in water pressure allowing for an incredible flow rate of up to 7 GPM.

This is a Pro-Grade heavy-duty whole house filtration system made for durability in demanding commercial environments but, designed for home use for those that want professional filtration results without the price. The system comes assembled on a heavy-duty bracket with Stainless Steel Bolts and Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges for system monitoring. Each Housing comes with a built-in Pressure relief button for easy filter change-outs and a housing wrench. Works with 45-80 psi and between 40-100℉ water temperature.

NOT compatible with filter set FC-PK-100E or other standard size filters.

ONLY compatible with replacement filter set: FC-PK19-100E

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I'm sure the filter is awesome if I ever receive it.

Please for the love of god stop using fedex. Because now I have to drive 45 minuets one way just to get them because fedex thinks people are home all day 247. and then when fedex misses the window they specify by 2 hours they tell you we can't deliver we will try agin.

Change my name to Impressed!

This filter system is remarkable! I am so amazed how much it changed my water. Before it used to smell and hardly drinkable. Now, it tastes great and no smell at all! Wow is an understatement. Simply amazing!

Ideal for Off-The-Grid living

I've got a cabin that is off the grid. I collect rainwater and feed what I harvest straight to my UV filter then it goes to Elite 3 system by using a pump. It treats my rainwater really well. Clean enough to drink and cook with. Since it's rainwater, I don't need to dig hundreds of feet for well water. The elite 3 is awesome, helps keep my water clean and safe.

Need to buy another one

My water was trash before I installed this system. It really has cleaned up my water and made a difference throughout my entire home. Going to need another one soon for my Mom's house nearby.

Clyde Jenkins
Thank You! LORD JESUS for this filter!

This is one of the best things I've bought for my house. I'm on well water and that stuff stinks like a 5-day old hard-boiled egg left in a hot car, plus it's cloudy. It really was disturbing...well after I installed the Elite 3, it made my water clear, got rid of that smell, and It actually tastes great! I'm so glad I bought this thing!