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PRO+AQUA Premium Dual RV/Marine Water Filter Replacement, Taste, Odor, Sediment, Chlorine

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Not compatible with the Black-Cap Style WS-P-REG-KITV2 Prefilter/Regeneration System.

The PRO+AQUA PA-DC is a dual two stage filter in one. The first stage filters sediment, dirt, sand and other particles down to the 5 micron level. The 2nd stage Coconut GAC filter filters chlorine, taste, odor, rust particles, and much more to greatly improve the quality of your water.

Includes one replaceable premium dual filter cartridge. Filtration begins with water traveling through the porous polypropylene material openings no greater than 5 microns in diameter. Filtered water passes through a bed of premium Coconut Shell GAC (granulated active carbon) for further filtration. The result is fresh, clean, great-tasting drinking water straight from your tap. The filter typically lasts one camping season.

When first attaching the filter to your water source, allow the water to run for a few minutes to flush the loose carbon out of the filter. When the water runs clear, the filter is ready for use.

Compatibility and Use: The PA-DC is the OEM original replacement filter cartridge for the best performing RV filter WS-P-REG-KIT filtration unit. The PA-DC RV replacement filter cartridge is also a great replacement for the EVO 40631 and RVF-10 filtration units and will fit in any brand RV filtration unit that uses standard 10 inch filters.