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Polaris UV-WASHER Replacement White Washer for UV Units


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The Polaris UV-WASHER is a replacement UV washer for all Polaris ultraviolet water filtration systems. This Polaris washer is used with the O-ring (UV-SEAL) to tighten the quartz sleeves and the nut (UV-NUT-1 AND UV-NUT-2 for a water tight seal.

This Polaris UV-WASHER is a genuine replacement Polaris part.

This seal fits all new UVA models:

  • UVA-1C,
  • UVA-2C,
  • UVA-4C,
  • UVA-6C,
  • UVA-8C,
  • UVA-12C,
  • UVA-24B,
  • UVA-36B,
  • UVA-50B,
  • UVA-60B,
  • UVA-80B,
  • UVA-100B,
  • UVA-150B,
  • UVA-200B.

Also fits older Polaris UV models:

  • UV-1C,
  • UV-2C,
  • UV-4C,
  • UV-6C,
  • UV-8C,
  • UV-12C,
  • UV-24B,
  • UV-36B,
  • UV-50B,
  • UV-60B,
  • UV-80B,
  • UV-100B,
  • UV-150B,
  • UV-200B.

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