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KDF/GAC Water Filter For Chlorine, Taste, Odor, Heavy Metals, Rust - 2.5 x 10


SKU KDF05-10

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The iFilters KDF05-10 is a 2.5" x 10" KDF replacement filter with 0.5 lbs of KDF media. For use in many water filter systems, especially point of use filter systems.

This advanced KDF water filter replacement cartridge primarily reduces the bad taste/odor of chlorine and other chemicals in water.

It is a multi-purpose water filter cartridge that uses KDF media to reduce heavy metals such as aluminum, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, copper, iron, lead, and other water soluble heavy metals as well as particulates like sediment, dirt, rust, sand, silt, limescale, and more.

The versatility and effectiveness of the KDF05-10 makes it a popular point of use and whole house filter.