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iFilters O-Ring Fits Any BB Housing Buna-N, 3 Pack


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This 3 pack O-Rings by iFilters are used to seal water filter housings. It has an ID of 5-1/2" and OD of just over 5-3/4 inches and is made of nitrile butadiene rubber (Buna-N) for flexibility and resistance to abrasion and tearing. Fits Pentek Big Blue filter housings, which are used in various applications, such as drinking water purification, swimming pools, industrial processes, and more.

The ORING-45 is the Original OEM replacement for the following filtration systems: MWH-D, MWH-D-WELL, MWH-D20, MWH-D20-WELL, MWHSD, MWHSD-WELL, MWHSD20, MWHSD20-WELL, XWH-600, and XWH-1000.

    Compatible with the following filter housing models:
  • Pentek #10 and #20 Big Blue opaque filter housings with 1" or 1-1/2" inlet/outlet connections;
  • Ace Hardware 49561;
  • Ametek Kleen-Plus HD-10-R50, BBS;
  • American Plumber W10-PR, 152014, W2010-PR, 152015, W15-PR, 152016, W2015-PR, 152017, WWHC, 152022;
  • Culligan HD-950, HD-950A;
  • Pentek 150237, 150239, 150469, BBFS-22, BBFS-222;
  • Hydronix HF45 Series Housings.
    The 151122 o-ring is a direct replacement for the following other part numbers:
  • Ace Hardware 4001756;
  • American Plumber 152032, W10-OR;
  • Ametek Kleen-Plus 151122-03;
  • Culligan OR-100, 151122-27, 01019189;
  • Pentek 151122, BB BUNA-N.

Available in two sizes - Standard (OEM) and Thick. Standard (OEM) is the same size o-ring that came with your filter housing when new. Thick is slightly thicker than the Standard size, which can help seal a filter housing that leaks from the cap seal when fully tightened.

Whats included: This item includes three (3) O-Rings with "iFilters" branded packaging.

Manufactured and warrantied against defect for one year from purchase date by iFilters. 3rd Party purchases are not warranted. "iFilters" is a registered trademark of iFilters.


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