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Hydronix Delta Plus 20" Silicone, 1m , 222/FIN

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Hydronix DP Series Delta-Plus Filters meet market needs for a pure absolute-rated Polypropylene depth filter with exceptional dirt holding capacity and performance. Delta-Plus cartridges are an outstanding value for industrial applications where long-life, low-pressure drop and high efficiency is required.

Hydronix DP Series Delta-Plus Filters have continuous gradient pore structure which increases dust holding capacity. The surface of the cartridge is fiber fortified to prevent the release of micro fibers downstream. Manufactured of 100% pure Polypropylene for a wide range of process fluids.

  • Filtration of cooling water system in semi-conductor industry (PCW)
  • Filtration of CMP Slurries
  • Pre-filter of DI water filtration
  • Filtration of medium and low viscosity fluids of chemical
  • Filtration of water for manufacturing process and recycled water
  • Filtration of paint in panel painting industry
    Maximum Operating Pressure Drop
  • 100oF at 80 psi 37oC at 5.6 kg/cm2
  • 150oF at 60 PSI 65oC at 4.2 kg/cm2
  • 180oF at 30 PSI 82oC at 2.1 kg/cm2

Max. Operating Temp: 180?F (82?C)

Replace filter when pressure drop is 30 PSID (2.1 kg/cm2)