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Everpure ESO 6 3-Stage Blending Cartridge EV9607-10


SKU EV960710

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The Everpure ESO 6 3-Stage Blending Cartridge EV9607-10 is a replacement water filter cartridge with three unique stages that provides softened, buffered, and filter water for specialty coffee, espresso, and iced tea applications.

The ESO 6 Three-Stage Blending Cartridge features high quality ion exchange resin with built-in buffering capacity and high capacity coconut carbon filtration that reduces calcium, magnesium, and the taste and odor of chlorine. This blending cartridge also utilizes buffering to prevent acidic water and also reduces water hardness to help avoid the build-of minerals in espresso and coffee equipment.

Everpure ESO 6 3-Stage Blending Cartridge EV960710 specifications:
  • Dimensions: 15" H x 3.25" D
  • Max. Temp: 35-100 F (2-38 C)
  • Three stage blending cartridge
  • Capacity: 470 gallons @ 150 ppm
  • Part number EV960710 or EV9607-10
  • Prevents water hardness and acidity
  • Simple and quick cartridge replacement
  • Working Pressure: 10-125 psi (0.7-8.6 bar), non-shock
  • Reduces minerals, chlorine, off taste and odors from water

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