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Digital Water Softener Valve for systems up to 80,000 grains (2.5 CuFt) 1" Ports

SKU V-56DSM-80
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Advanced digital valve for water softener systems up to 80,000 Grains or 2.5 CuFt of Media.

This control valve features a meter-based counter for the most accurate regeneration based on your water usage. Easily program every setting to match your unique water hardness and needs. The digital display will show you if water is being used and a countdown until it regenerates.

This advanced softener valve offers 3 different Valve Modes for your media and filtration needs.
Mode 1: Timer - This mode will count down based on time (eg. 48 hours, 72 hours, etc.). This mode is ideal for medias like GAC, Birm, or other medias that require constant regeneration regardless of water usage.
Mode 2: Meter - This mode will count down by your water usage and will regenerate immediately as soon as the Gallons/Liters reaches zero (0).
Mode 3: Meter Delay - This is the recommended mode for softeners. This mode will count down by your water usage (Gallons/Liters) and will regenerate the system at 2 am your local time (this can be adjusted to your preferred time).

Get started in 2 easy steps by setting your local time and Gallon Capacity based on your water hardness, the rest of the settings have been preconfigured for faster set up. Modify each setting in 8 steps. Step 1: Set your local time. Step 2: Choose your Valve Mode type. Step 3: Choose your unit of measurement and enter your water capacity. Step 4: Set the regeneration start time and hours count down. Step 5: Set the backwash time. Step 6: Set the brine time. Step 7: Set the rapid rinse time. Step 8: Set the brine fill time.

  • Display shows if water is in use.
  • 3 programing modes for gallon countdown or metered water usage
  • Perfect for vacation homes, the Meter mode will only regenerate if water is used.
  • Program in under 5 minutes. Preconfigured for easy 2 step programming. Advance setup in 8 easy steps.
  • Fits 2.5" #8 Tanks Ports.
  • Standard Riser Pipe Port: 1.05" OD.
  • Advance settings stored in memory in case of a power outage.