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DI Resin Replacement Deionization Color Changing, TDS, Aquariums, Spot Free, 3L

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The Pro+Aqua MED-DI-3 offers 3 Liters of mixed bed deionization (DI) resin media and is ideal for Aquariums as well as a spot-free rinse for your car wash or for your windows (home or business).

The Pro+Aqua mixed bed deionization DI resin media is a mixture of premium grade color-changing strong acid cation in hydrogen form and strong base anion exchange resins in hydroxide form in a 1:1 volumetric ratio. These resins combine high capacity with superb physical properties to provide 99.99% pure H20 water for ultimate TDS purity.

The color-changing mixed bed deionization (DI) resin media makes it easy to tell when it's time to change the resin. The resin media changes in three stages - Stage 1) Full capacity - original dark green, Stage 2) Half capacity - light amber, Stage 3) No capacity - dark amber/orange.

Achieve 100% TDS reduction when used as a post filter in Reverse Osmosis DI Systems.

To ensure you continue to produce TDS-Free water, it is recommended to change the resin before the resin changes to dark amber/orange.

    Fill Capacity:
  • Fills 4.5, 2.5"x10" Drop-in Cartridges.
  • Fills 10.5, 2"x10" Inline Cartridges.

This is not Water Softening Resin, this mixed bed deionization resin is designed to lower TDS and is not designed to lower water hardness.