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Culligan AC-30 AC-15 Compatible Sediment Pre Filters Smart Pack - 4 Pack

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This Smart Pack IF4-HDG-SED-AC5 contains 4 (stage 1) 100% high purity polypropylene filters (1 year supply). The IF4-HDG-SED-AC5 high purity polypropylene Filter is a pre-filter for various reverse osmosis systems. Created for superior absorptive efficiency, this replacement cartridge is used in the following Reverse Osmosis systems: AC15, AC30, LC50, and H83. This high purity polypropylene sediment filter will remove and reduce rust, dirt, sand, sediment and other contaminants. This pack does not include the Carbon Block (2nd) filter (IF2-HDG-CB-AC10) for taste and odor filtration, the membrane or the post filter. The Carbon Block, membrane and post inline filter is sold separately. This pack can last 1 year or more. It is recommended to change your filter every 4 - 6 month. Please follow the instructions in your user manual to change the filters.