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Countertop Ultra Drinking Water Filter For VOCs Chlorine, Clear

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The iFilters complete countertop clear color system is a compact, easy-to-install package. Through its simple connection directly to your kitchen faucet, installation is quick and easy. Start drinking safe water within minutes! Removes over 97% of chlorine and chloramines and also reduces heavy metals like lead and mercury. Our iFilters countertop system removes chlorine resistant organic chemicals like VOCs, reduces asbestos, and chlordane, MTBE, PCB, radon, toxaphene, turbidity, and insecticides giving you clean safe water: Combined with its high-quality coconut shell carbon filter (made from NSF approved materials), this countertop filter system provides filtration from most chemicals in tap water down to 0.5 Microns. Our option is 10 X Better than the leading pitcher: longer-lasting, better filtration, and less expensive. Perfect for use in homes, apartments, studios, offices, RVs, or campers, this portable filtration system ensures safe quality drinking water wherever you go. Perfect for cooking, washing food, coffee, or any other point of use need. Comes with everything needed to install to your kitchen faucet. Specifications: Color: Blue. Included in the box: Filtration Unit, One Preinstalled Filter (CBSM-2510), Faucet Adapter, Installation Instructions. Effective at filtering and reducing: sediment, dirt, rust particles, scale particles, entamoeba, toxoplasma, organic chemicals, chlorine taste, and odor. Made entirely of certified materials offering an ideal choice for all your drinking and cooking needs. Replace your filter every 6 - 12 months (depending on usage and water quality) with replacement filter part # CBSM-2510. Only use OEM tested filters. Using alternative filters will reduce performance, will not filter properly, and will void your warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
It's an upgrade from tap water

It's a complete upgrade from drinking tap water. No more chlorine taste or smell.

My girlfriend loves it!

Bought this for my girlfriend and she really loves it. The water that comes out is fresh, clean and great tasting. She stopped buying bottled water, now saves so much money.

I LOVE this filter!

I live in a studio apartment, I can't put an reverse osmosis, landlord wont' let! Brita filters don't really taste all that great. So I got this counter filter instead. It was so easy to install, all I did was remove the aerator from the faucet, installed the fitting with the hoses. With a flip of the switch, the thing was producing filtered water! My water is so delicious now! My coffee is even better too. I love this thing. I bought one for my mom because it's that great. One of the best purchases I've made for my home.

Alicia J Ramos
Great water

Great product and great customer service. Our water taste and smells totally different. It was very easy to install.


Thisfilter makes your water taste better than well water!! And I am talking about living in a place where water could not be worse!!!! We have to buy bottled water to cook with!!