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Aquasure Water Softener System Whole House Digital, 1-3 Bathrooms 48,000 Grains


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This whole house water softener system will treat an entire household of up to 6 people (1-3 Bathrooms).

Aquasure Whole House Water Softener Systems provide softened water using salt or potassium. All Aquasure water softeners are digital metered and only backwash when needed - saving hundreds of gallons of water.

All systems come standard with high quality tanks and a 5-year warranty. If you are looking to purchase a whole house water softener system and you want the very best, Aquasure Whole House Water Softener System is your answer.

This Aquasure water softener system features a digital meter with backlit LCD display and a user friendly interface that is easy to operate and installs in minutes.

Aquasure is committed to delivering a great user experience, which is why all Aquasure Whole House Water Softener Systems include: Electronic meter, fiber-reinforced polymer bypass valve, resin tank, resin media, brine tank with safety float system, riser tube, top & bottom distributors, 3/8 inch brine line, 1/2 inch drain line, small parts kit, and installation guide.

    Features & Benefits:
  • Unit Size: 48,000 grains.
  • *5-year warranty.
  • Designed and built in California.
  • High capacity resin.
  • Easy-to-program metered electronic head.
  • Automatic backwash.
  • High flow rate.
  • Bypass Valve.
  • Time-tested, hydraulically-balanced piston for service and regeneration.
  • LCD display options: Time of day, volume remaining or days until regeneration.
  • Upgradable and expandable by adding a Carbon system or a pre-sediment filter.
    The Aquasure Advantage:
  • Easy front panel settings.
  • Programmable regeneration types for increased flexibility.
  • Double backwash feature, offering optimum regeneration, cleaning and efficiency.
  • Days override featured 1-28 days available.
  • Downflow regeneration.
  • Stores system configuration.
  • 24 Volt transformer provides safe and easy installation.
  • Provides optimum service and backwash rates.

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