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300 GPD RO Booster Pump for 300 GPD RO Systems

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The PMP-300GPD heavy duty booster pump is used in 300 GPD Reverse Osmosis systems.

This RO booster pump can be used in any brand system and fittings can be installed to accommodate any size hose used by your system (eg. 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" hoses).

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Easy to set up

It's straight forward, simple plug and play. Reliable to boot!

Ian Mann

Great powerful pump that helps me produce so much water for my hydroponics farm.

Roberto P.
Get you one of these!

I am an auto detailer and I use RO/DI water to clean cars. Before I used to to buy the DI water from the deatiler supply shop at $0.20/gallon. I'd spend almost $250 a month just on water. That's when I decided to get my own RO DI system. The initial investment was steep, but long term I'll be saving money. Basically what I would have paid in 2 months of water, I could have bought my water system with that same cash. The only problem with my new set up, it was slow. So I added this booster pump to speed it up. Now all I have to do is when I get up in the morning, I turn on my hose, the booster pump, and let it fill up my tanks while I eat breakfast and drink coffee. By the time I'm ready to head out, the tank is filled up! It's one less trip I have to do since I no longer need to go buy water. It's totally worth it.