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Whole House Alkaline pH Mineral Replacement Water Filter, 20"

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This 4.5" x 20" Alkaline cartridge is used to increase pH and neutralize the acidity of low-mineral water.

This alkaline filter will improve the overall chemical balance and taste of your water by increasing the pH level a few points.

Increase the Ph of your filtered water and add healthy minerals back into your body. This water filter drops into any 4.5" x 20" standard housing and is used as the final stage in Reverse Osmosis systems.

This filter remineralizes and raises the pH of your purified water. By adding this filter to a reverse osmosis (RO) system, you can convert an ordinary RO system into a healthy Alkaline water producing RO System. By adding minerals back into the water and balancing the pH you will be drinking healthier pure water.

  • Treats up to 12,000 gallons of RO water.
  • 4.5" x 20" industry standard size.
  • End Caps: High-impact
  • Body: Polystyrene (Hips)
  • Gasket: Buna-N
  • Filter Media: Alkaline pH beads
  • Made from NSF approved materials

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
pH levels reaching alkaline conditions

I'm at 8.9 pH! I'm very happy with it and the cost of this replacement outweighs the cost of essensia bottles

John V.
My wife loves alkaline water

If you've ever bought those overpriced bottles of Essentia and Lifewtr...well you can stop doing that if you get this filter. First of all, bottled water produces so much waste. Secondly, how do you know they aren't just bottling tap water and marking it up 1000%? That's when I got fed up with the high cost of alkaline water. I bought this filter and my water is amazing! It tastes great and my wife really loves it. She was the one who insisted we buy Essentia...but I'm like, "why?!" She went on and on about the benefits of alkaline water and blah blah blah. So when I told her that I could buy a filter that would feed alkaline water throughout our home, she was in shock! She couldn't believe that from our bathroom, she can turn on the faucet and get alkaline water. Heck, when I'm in the shower, I open my mouth and take big gulps of it.

This was a great purchase, saves me a ton of money and keeps my wife happy. You know what they say, "Happy Wife...Happy Life"