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2 Pk, CR70/CR65 Replacement Water Filter Cartridge, 1,000 Gal for C7000 C6500 Systems



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2 Pack WC-CR70. The best alternative replacement for C7000 and C6500 Filtration Systems.

Manufactured from organic Premium Coconut Shell Activated Carbon, the WC-CR70 replacement filter offers superior filtration at 0.5 sub-micron to remove a broad range of water contaminants such as Lead, Mercury, Cysts, Odors, Bad Taste, Chlorine, Chloramine, VOC's, Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Herbicides, and many more contaminants.

The WC-CR70 will filter over 75 water contaminants including Lead and Mercury without removing beneficial minerals needed for a healthy body. It will NOT filter TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) as minerals are dissolved solids such as calcium and magnesium.

Do not use a TDS Meter to test the performance of the filter. TDS Meters are for use with RO systems to test the performance of the RO membrane. We recommend using a drinking water test kit (drops or strips) that test the performance of the filter.

  • 2 Pack of filters.
  • 100% Compatible with C7000 and C6500 Filtration Systems using the CR70 or CR65 filter catridge.
  • 1,000 Gallon (12 months) Rated Capacity.
  • 2pcs 3V CR 2032 System batteries included.
  • 30 psig - 100 psig Working Pressure.
  • 0.5 Sub-Micron Rating
  • 40º F - 100º F (1º C - 38º C) Operating Temp Range
  • 0.75 gal/min @ 60 psi Rated Service Flow Rate.