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2 PK Carbon Block Drinking Water Filter Replacement for Lead Asbestos CTO

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Hydronix SMCB-2510 carbon block filters are NSF/ANSI standard 42 certified for Material and structural Safety. SMCB-2520 filters have a particle retention Size of 0.5 Microns nominal and are ideal for Drinking water filtration applications. The Hydronix SMCB-2510 carbon block filters are manufactured with NSF-certified, safe, Coconut shell-activated carbon to reduce reduces Sediment, asbestos, chlorine taste, odor, bad taste, and other contaminants from Drinking water. With a 2.5" outside diameter (OD) and a length of 9-7/8", this filter fits in any standard housing that use 2.5"x10" filters. The operating temperature range is 40 to 180 Degrees F, and has a maximum pressure rating of 250 pounds per square inch (psi). this carbon block Filter is suitable for use in water dispensing applications where higher chlorine levels are present. Hydronix Coconut shell carbon blocks have a great cost-to-performance value, high chlorine reduction capabilities, great dirt holding performance, and offer exceptional value and performance over other similar filters in the market. For use in under-counter or countertop water filtration systems. These filters are also used in RO, DI, Hydroponics or any other filtration use where a sub-micron (0.5 Micron) filtration is needed. For cold water use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Got it for the asbestos

I read that our water supply has traces of asbestos in our drinking water. Traces? That was enough to make me get this filter to make sure that none of that asbestos gets into our bodies.

Everyone needs to filter their water

Not many people realize that water has all sorts of creatures living in it that could cause some major illnesses in humans. Things like bacteria and cysts just to name a few of them. Even though the city treats the water, the pipes it travels in could be harboring nasty things. That's why I use these filters for my home, you never know.