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Build Your Own Custom Water Filtration System

Build Your Own Custom Water Filtration System

While offers a variety of choices of procured water filtration systems and devices, there are a handful of people who prefer to build their own. These Do It Yourselfers (DIY) tend to gravitate towards the belief that they can create something better than what is currently available in the market. Or perhaps they do so out of the need to save money. Perhaps some just want something that will meet their exact needs and avoid any other features that they have no use for. If you’re a DIYer, then you’re going to love! 

As mentioned, offers a large selection of products that have been acquired from a variety of vendors. But the site does offer hundreds if not, thousands of parts that anyone can use to build their custom system. Let’s take for example you need a high-volume (over 100 gallons per day) reverse osmosis system to help support your aquaponics farm. You can easily piece one together with parts available on the site. When producing that much water per day, you’ll need to make sure you have a storage tank for all that water. offers an NSF Certified Reverse Osmosis Storage Tank with a 40-gallon capacity for much less than other sites. 

What if you need an RO membrane that has a 2000 gallons per day capacity? Well, you’re in luck, has them too! Sizes range from 4”x20” and all way up to 4”x41.” You can’t just feed regular tap water right into the RO membrane, you’ll need some pre-filters. has those too! They offer a large collection of housings and filter elements in a wide selection of sizes to go with your RO system. 

Car enthusiasts will find that offers great value for DIYers. Most gearheads prefer to wash their vehicles, doing so ensures that no one will damage their investment or scratch the clear coat. Almost every single time, they’ll avoid automated car washes in fear of the machine breaking part of the car or worse, scratching the paint.  With that in mind, they’ll take the time on a weekend to wash and polish their vehicle with great care. But they won’t use regular tap water since it is full of chemicals and minerals that could leave spots on a car’s finish. Instead, they’ll opt for softened water. If their home doesn’t have a water softener, the next best thing to do is use the PRO+AQUA Portable RV Water Softener. Simply connect it to a spigot, then to a pressure washer, and wash away! 

However, if that RV water softener is too bulky, perhaps building a smaller version. Grab the Hydronix UDF-10C100E Resin Water Softening cartridge, then the HF3-10BLBK34 to keep the cartridge in. To finish this off, get a set of Brass Garden Hose Fitting Adapters 3/4" Male NPT to 3/4" GHT. Put an ample amount of plumber’s tape on the brass threads, install the filter into the cartridge then connect to your garden hose. This mini water softener can soften up to 60 gallons of water before it needs to be recharged. 

On average, a person will use between 10-15 gallons of water to wash their vehicle. If we did the math, a person can get up to 4 car washes before regeneration. Speaking of which, just like larger household water softeners, these 10” cartridges will need brine to wash away the trapped minerals. To do so, remove the cartridge from the housing, then create a brine solution with half a pound of salt, place it in a vessel that can allow you to submerge the entire cartridge. Let it sit overnight, by morning time, the resin inside is ready to wash another set of cars. 

Those who have fishponds or aquariums can filter tap water and remove chlorine and other chemicals found in the water. To do this, consider the LWH-D. This is a two-stage system that is equipped with the iFilters SG5-2510 cartridge filters to reduce sand, dirt, sediment, rust, and any other particle down to 5 microns. The IF-P117 (Aqua-Pure AP117 Compatible) Premium Carbon GAC Water Filter is included and this is a Granular Activated Coconut Shell Carbon filter that Removes Chlorine and odors from tap water. This same setup can be used as an RV filter as well. Since it already uses 3/4" Female NPT Ports, all you would need to do is install the brass garden hose fittings mentioned earlier, and connect it to the campground’s water supply and onto your RV or popup camper. Now your RV’s water is safe and drinkable. 

diy window washer reverse osmosis water

Another application that building a system for would-be for window washing businesses. Typically professionals use reverse osmosis water to clean windows since it is scale-free. While many brands offer prebuilt RO systems that are specifically designed for window washers, they are very costly. Some of these systems can cost thousands of dollars and for anyone that is just starting in the business, cash is hard to come by. So the next best thing to do is source parts from and build their RO system for their business. Not only will they save money, but they’re also able to start working and gain new clients right away.   

As we demonstrated, a DIYer can have a lot of fun building their water filtration systems and devices with parts readily available from The possibilities are endless for anyone that has basic mechanical knowledge, and imagination. Plus there are also the cost-saving benefits of building your system and a level of satisfaction that one gets once they are done with their project. 

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