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FREE SHIPPING • Orders over $45+

Polaris Scientific Ultraviolet Water UV System Ballast, 24W - 39W 110V/220V

SKU EB-2439
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$45.99 - $45.99
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Polaris Scientific EB-2439 ballast for the UV-6C, UV-8C and UV-12C Ultraviolet UV Systems.

  • 24W-39W 110V/220V.
  • Used with the older style 4 PIN GL24SE4P, GL32SE4P and GL39SE4P Lamps.
  • OEM Polaris Scientific EB-2439 ballast.
  • Not compatible with the New 4 PIN Polaris (2 small 2 long pins).

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Decent ballast

Not too bad of a price. Almost always available. Low failure rate.

Exact replacement I needed

Don't ask me how I broke my last ballast...ok I'll tell you. See what had happened was, I was moving some tools around my well house. The well house is where I keep my pump, water filtration and large tools. Well, being the hoarder that I am, I had way too much stuff in there. My wife keeps telling to get rid of stuff, but what if I need it someday? Anywho, I was moving my rototiller out so I can til up the soil by the barn, but the cord for my UV light got caught and when I yanked the tiller out, stupid ballast came crashing down and it shattered. That's why I am buying a new one.

Larry Nielson
No issues

This is very reliable. I haven't had an issue with it. It's always on and you'd think that it would burn out. Nope, it keeps on working.