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iFilters LWH-D Version 2 OEM Replacement Filter Set Sediment, Rust & CTO Filters

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Original OEM replacement for the 2nd Generation/Version 2 LWH-D Whole House Filtration System.

The iFilters SG5-2509 cartridge filters and reduces sand, dirt, sediment, rust, and any other particle down to 5 microns.

The GAC-2509 Premium Carbon GAC Water Filter is a Granular Activated Coconut Shell Carbon filter that Removes Chlorine, taste and Odor and has a High Dirt Holding Capacity.

Original OEM replacement for the Gen2/Version 2 LWH-D Whole House Filtration Systems.

NOT compatible with the First Generation (Version 1) LWH-D system. Check the bracket for Version/Generation number.

Whats in the Box?
  • 1pc SG5-2509 Polypropylene Filter.
  • 1pc GAC-2509 Premium GAC Carbon Filters

Not Compatible with standard 2.5" x 10" Whole House Systems.

    SG5-2509 Specs:
  • 100% pure polypropylene,
  • Max Operating Temp: 145 F,
  • 5 micron nominal filtration rating,
  • High absorption,
  • Filter Life:Â 3 - 6 month,
  • Flow rate: 8 gpm.
    GAC-2509 Specs:
  • Coconut Shell Carbon,
  • 40 F - 100 F,
  • 2500 Gallons,
  • Graded density for up to 30% longer life,
  • 5 micron nominal filtration rating,
  • High absorption activated carbon,
  • Filter capacity: 10,000 gallons,
  • Flow rate: 3 gpm.

To maximize filter system performance, be sure to replace approximately every four to six months, depending on your local water quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Shipped and delivered fast. These filers do the trick for what we need them to do since they have been building alot of homes in our area.




Filters blocked up with soil within a week. Unable to log back in to cancel reorder subscription because my email isn't recognized... even though my order confirmations and unsolicited offers are still going to that email... also tried calling customer service throughout the day, no answer.


Because they got sent elsewhere and had to wait an extra 2 weeks to get it, and didn’t get compensated for it at all