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HydroScientific™ Bag Filter #2: Reliable Filtration at 10 Microns for Industrial Purity



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Experience top-tier filtration efficiency with Hydronix Bag Filter #2, rated at 10 microns. This bag filter excels in capturing a wide range of particles, making it a versatile choice across various industries. Whether you need clean water or pristine liquids in your processes, count on Hydronix to deliver.

  • Elevate your filtration game with this Hydronix Bag Filter designed for bag size #2 and rated for 10 micron applications. This ultra-fine filter will capture particles down to 10 microns.
  • Hydronix Bag Filters are designed with the user in mind. A propylene ring is designed on the top of the bag for easy installation and replacement, simplifying maintenance and minimizing downtime in industrial processes.
  • Hydronix bag filters are typically designed to meet industry standards and regulations, providing reliability and peace of mind to users concerned with filtration quality and compliance.
  • High particle retention with superb solids-loading capacity.

Designed to handle a maximum flow rate of 176 gallons per minute and temperatures up to 195°F, this filter operates efficiently at 20 PSI to provide reliable and effective particle capture.