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Hydronix HF45-20BLBK15 4.5" x 20" Water Filter Housing, Whole House Commercial or Industrial - 1.5" Port


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Hydronix HF45 Series Commercial Filter Housings are high durability commercial filter housings for 20" length cartridges. HF45 Series housings have excellent chemical resistance and are ideal for many high flow residential, commercial and light industrial applications. Hydronix HF45 Series Commercial Filter Housings use 4.5” diameter cartridges and feature larger ports to allow for a greater flow of liquid to pass through the housing. They are ideal for your larger capacity filtration needs and are made from durable Polypropylene. Applications: Whole house filtration, Well Water, Hydroponics, Wineries, Reverse osmosis, Drip irrigation, Residential plumbing, Plating, Photography, Milling Machines, Commercial Pre-filtration, Green Houses, Beverage, Ice maker, Food Processing, Misting units, and many more. Materials of Construction: Opaque Housing: Polypropylene | Cap: Polypropylene | O-Ring: Buna-N | Button Assembly: Stainless Steel, EPDM and Polypropylene (for PR units). Temperature Rating: Maximum Temperature: 100ºF (37.7ºC), Maximum Pressure: 90 PSI (6.21 bar).

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