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Drinking Water Replacement Filter Set for 3 stage Filtration Systems

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The IFD-U3PK combines Sediment filtration with GAC and KDF to filter and reduce heavy metals as well as chlorine, taste, and odor found in city and well water. The final stage filter offers sub-micron filtration at 0.5 Microns to further filter and reduce lead, THMs, VOCs, Turbidity and many other contaminants.

The IFD-U3PK is the OEM replacement set for the U300 and U300UV Under-sink Drinking Water Filtration Systems.

The U300UV requires a bulb change every 12 months, the correct yearly replacement set part number is IFD-U3PK-UV. The IFD-U3PK-UV combines the filters in the IFD-U3PK as well as a Ultraviolet Replacement Bulb used in the U300UV Drinking Water System.

    This Drinking Water Replacement Set includes:
  • Stage 1) SD1-2510 - Sediment Filter - Filters and reduces dirt, sand, silt, sediment and rust.
  • Stage 2) KDF05-10 - GAC/KDF Filter - Filters and reduces heavy metals, chlorine, taste, odor etc.
  • Stage 3) CBSM-2510 - Sub-micron Carbon Block Filter - Further filters and reduces chlorine taste and order, lead, cloudiness (turbidity), THMs (trihalomethanes), VOCs (volatile organic chemicals), asbestos, and more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jan K
Best system we've used so far

Our family has the U300 without the UV and find that it really makes a difference. The replacements are really easy to install but just make sure you get them on their at the right angle so they fit snug.

Super affordable!

You get 3 filters for that price?! Sign me up!

Tasty water!

Water tastes so much better after I replace my old filters with this set. I typically replace this set every 8 months and it's really affordable.