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Drinking Water Replacement Filter Set for 3 stage U200UV UV Filtration Systems

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The IFD-U2PK-UV is the correct OEM replacement set for the iFilters U200UV Under-sink Drinking Water Filtration Systems.

The IFD-U2PK-UV combines double carbon filtration for ultimate filtration as well as a UV Sterilizer Bulb. The IFD-U2PK-UV filters and reduces heavy metals, bacteria, chlorine, taste, odor, lead, cyst, parasites, THMs, VOCs, Turbidity and many other contaminants found in city and well water. The UV Bulb kills and neutralizes bacteria and viruses.

The U200UV requires a bulb change every 12 months.

The IFD-U2PK-UV Drinking Water Replacement Set includes:
  • Stage 1) CB5-2510 - First Carbon Filter - Filters and reduces dirt, sand, silt, sediment, rust chlorine taste and odor.
  • Stage 2) GL10PP Polaris Scientific UV Ultraviolet New Style Replacement Germicidal Lamp, 10W 4 Pin. Kills and neutralizes bacteria, viruses, and Cryptosporidium oocysts.
  • Stage 3) CBSM-2510 - Sub-micron Carbon Block Filter - Further filters and reduces chlorine taste and order, Cysts, lead, parasites (cryptosporidium and giardia), cloudiness (turbidity), THMs (trihalomethanes), VOCs (volatile organic chemicals), asbestos, and more.

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