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Adjustable 3 cycle control Manual Filter Valve For 2.5" Port Tanks.


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The Aquatrol AQT-MFV-1 Manual Filter Valves offer a simple to use manually controlled adjustable 3 cycle control for ease of operation. Used with activated carbon or sediment filtration and other water treatment applications. The Aquatrol AQT-MFV-1 Manual Filter Valves are available in 2.5” base and provide an easy to use lever operation for moving from Service, to Rinse and to Back Wash positions.

  • 2.5" Manual Valve
  • Adjustable 3 cycle control
  • Metal Handle
  • Ideal for most filter applications up to 13" tanks.

Installed on common mineral tanks with a 2 1/2" #8 tank opening.

  • Inlet/Outlet: 1" FMPT Ports
  • Drain Line: 1"
  • Mounting Base: 2.5
  • Riser Pipe: 1.05" OD

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