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  • Why Calcium Inhibitor Filters Don't Work On Patio Misters
    July 31, 2021

    Why Calcium Inhibitor Filters Don't Work On Patio Misters

    During the summer months, people want to enjoy socializing outdoors, whether it’s a meal, a BBQ, pool party, or just an excuse to see friends and drink wine. The only problem with meeting outside is the heat. Temperatures can hit well over 100 degrees and drinks and fans can only do so much to cool down guests and the patio. A great way to drop the temperature and help friends and family feel more comfortable is to install a patio mister. Guests can expect to feel a temperature drop by as much as 15° of cooling just six to eight feet from the mist line. To enhance the cooling effect, having fans blowing within the area will allow for maximum cooling without the use of an air conditioner.  
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  • Should You DIY or Just Buy?
    April 7, 2021

    Should You DIY or Just Buy?

    In this article, we’re going to discuss if you should DIY or BUY something. We’re talking about the Premium Dual RV/Marine Water Softener Regeneration Kit and Water Filter. This dual-stage water filtration equipment is very popular with RVers. The first stage works as a prefilter that catches any sediment such as dirt, rust, and other larger particles that may be floating in the water. The second stage is to eliminate chlorine, improve taste and odors. 
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